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The Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network is a non-profit organization that provides participating vessels operating in Western Alaska and Prince William Sound best management practices and capabilities to meet federal tank and non-tank oil pollution prevention regulations. The Network APC provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective APC services throughout Western Alaska and Prince William Sound Captain of The Port Zone.

USCG regulations require vessels over 400 gross tons to have spill response approvals in their Vessel Response Plan for all U.S. Captain of The Port Zones that the vessel will transit, operate in or make a port call on voyages to/from U.S. ports. The Captain of The Port Zone extends to the 200 nautical mile limit of the US Exclusive Economic Zone.

Because most of Alaska is either remote, inaccessible, or both, compliance with standard federal pollution response regulations is not possible. Recognizing the special needs of Alaska, the regulations provide for equivalent alternative planning measures in order to meet the federal requirements. Without these Alternative Planning Criteria (APC), it would be impossible for vessel operators to meet the spill response requirements.




The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the new Loyalty Program. Beginning in 2018, members will receive loyalty discounts based on the number of invoiced vessels who remain with the Network. Each year, members will continue to see these discounts on their vessels; our way of thanking our loyal members as we work to ensure the best price in balance with the most capable resources in meeting U.S. federal vessel response plan regulations for vessel owners and operators operating in the Western Alaska region.